Local Man Stung Dozens Of Times As Bees Swarm

WACO (August 26, 2013)—A man was taken to a local hospital Monday afternoon following a close encounter with a bee swarm while mowing a lawn in a Waco neighborhood during which he was stung 50 times or more.

(Photo by Matt Howerton)

The attack happened at around 3:30 p.m. in the 700 block of Garland Avenue.

The man, who was identified as José Treviño at the scene, was on his feet and in stable condition when first responders arrived, but was suffering some symptoms of an allergic reaction and was taken to Providence Health Center, authorities said.

As of Monday night, Treviño remained hospitalized and was in stable condition.

Police closed off a four- to five-block area and requested a beekeeper to corral the swarm.

The beekeeper found the hive in a tree, about 30 feet off the ground and had to destroy it, Waco Assistant Fire Chief Patrick Kerwin said.

The bees were common honeybees, he said. It’s unknown what provoked the swarm.

In June, a man in Moody was mowing his lawn when he was attacked by African Killer bees.

Police said the man was completely covered in the bees and was killed almost instantly.