Local Pit Bull Owner Could Feel The Bite Of Tough New Ordinance

Police and paramedics responded to what was reported as a dog attack, but determined no one had been bitten. The owner of the three dogs was issued a dozen citations, however. (Photo by Christina Truong)
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WACO (April 30, 2014) The owner of three pit bulls that charged a resident Wednesday morning in a Waco neighborhood could face thousands of dollars in fines under the city’s tough new animal ordinance after police issued a dozen citations in connection with the incident.

Officers responded to what initially was reported as a dog attack at around 9:15 a.m. Wednesday in the area of North 30th Street and Homan Avenue.

Officers determined that no one was bitten, and they also determined that none of the three pit bulls involved in the incident had been vaccinated, spayed or neutered or microchipped.

The new city animal ordinance that went into effect on Jan. 1 requires microchips for all pets and spaying or neutering for all pets except for properly documented breeding animals, show animals and animals that are either too young or too old to breed.

For each of the three dogs, the owner was cited for violations of the spay-neuter and microchip requirements, both of which carry maximum fines of $500.

In addition the owner was cited under existing ordinances for allowing each of the dogs to run at large and failure to vaccinate each of the dogs, violations that carry fines of almost $200 each.