Police Investigate Felony Theft From Local Tire Store

(Security camera image)
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Killeen (December 5, 2012) - Killeen Police are looking for a man who stole rims and tires from a local tire shop.

The theft occurred Monday, December 3rd at the Big Zaks Tire Shack located at 1112 West Jasper Rd.

According to a Killeen Police Department release a customer came into the store and asked for new tires and rims to be mounted on his vehicle.

Employees mounted Gila 22 inch rims and Delente tire on the vehicle, police said.

According to the release once the rims and tires were on the vehicle the customer got in and drove off without paying.

The suspect is described as a heavyset black male who was last seen wearing a red shirt and dark colored pants.

Police say he is approximately 5'7" tall.

His vehicle is described as a late 1990's model Ford Crown Victoria or a Mercury Marquis.

Police are asking anyone with information about crime to contact the Bell County Crime Stoppers at 526-TIPS (8477).