Local Police Officer Fired Over Facebook Rant

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MARLIN (August 4, 2014) Marlin Police Sgt. Rob Douglas was fired Wednesday after posting a rant on his personal Facebook page about “useless turd bags” with “unclean bodies” and mouths “full of bling” whom he encountered on the first of the month in a local grocery store.

“I promise, if I ever snap and go on a killing spree, it will be in a supermarket on the first (of the month),” Douglas, who is white, wrote.

Douglas, who admitted to the post, was placed on paid leave on Monday and then fired Wednesday for violating the city’s ethics and Internet usage policies, Marlin Police Chief Daryl Allen said.

Allen said he made the decision to fire the officer with guidance from the city manager and city attorney.

“This is something we just can’t tolerate,” Allen said.

Douglas had been with the department for five years.

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