Local Resident Comes To The Rescue As Salesmen Robbed At Gunpoint

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KILLEEN (April 5, 2013)—A resident came to the rescue as two door-to-door salesmen were robbed late Friday afternoon in a Killeen neighborhood.

(Photo by Ben Griffin)

The salesmen, ages 20, and 21, were going door-to-door on Lions Gate Lane Friday afternoon in Killeen when a white Chevrolet Cavalier pulled up, a witness said.

The driver began to honk the car’s horn and then two armed men got out and began to hit one of the two salesmen, demanding money and threatening to shoot him, the witness said.

A resident who saw what was happening chased the two robbers, who got back in their car and drove off, the witness said.

The robbers escaped with several hundred dollars and the salesman who was attacked suffered minor injuries.

Police were looking for the two robbers Friday night.

They were both black and one had dreadlocks, the witness said.