Second Arrest Made In Elderly Man’s Beating Death

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CHALK BLUFF (January 14, 2014) A second man was held Tuesday in the McLennan County Jail charged with capital murder in connection with the beating death of an elderly Chalk Bluff man.

Roy Lee Boykin (left) and Jimmie Smith, Jr. (Jail photos)

Jimmie Smith, Jr., 58, was arrested at the sheriff's office late Monday night after a lengthy interview with investigators, Chief McLennan County Deputy Matt Cawthon.

Smith was ordered held in lieu of $1 million bond charged in connection with the Jan. 7 beating death of Albert Kilgo, 75.

Roy Lee Boykin, 44, was charged Saturday in Kilgo's death.

He remained in the McLennan County Jail Tuesday in lieu of $100,000 bond.

Cawthon said deputies developed Smith as a second suspect, took him into custody for interview and following that placed him under arrest.

"He has a lengthy record," Cawthon said.

Deputies found Smith, who is on parole after an earlier conviction, living at the Delta Inn, in Bellmead.

"This "investigation" still is unfolding and we were able to identify (Smith) as an accomplice," Cawthon said.

An affidavit released to the media Monday showed how deputies followed a trail of bloody evidence that led to Boykin's arrest for Kilgo's murder.

Kilgo was found partially wrapped in a blanket, lying in his blood-stained bed Saturday morning in his home in Chalk Bluff.

Boykin was arrested within a few hours based on evidence found in the victim's vehicle and in the Bellmead Days Inn motel room where Boykin was staying.

The affidavit says Kilgo suffered such a severe beating that he was disfigured and that there were large blood stains on him, his clothing and on the bed.

"Kilgo also suffered injuries consistent with trying to defend himself," the affidavit said.

Investigators were able to establish that Boykin was at Kilgo's residence on Jan. 7 and that Kilgo had told him he was no longer welcome to stay at the home, the affidavit said.

Cawthon said Kilgo regularly opened his door to transients and homeless people.

The affidavit says Kilgo changed the locks on his home and removed all of Boykin's belongings.

Investigators, using a chemical test, discovered traces of blood in the bathtub of Boykin's motel room that otherwise were not visible to the naked eye.

They also found Kilgo's vehicle, inside of which they discovered bloodstained clothing that belonged to Boykin, as well as a pair of blood-stained boots that Boykin admitted were his, the affidavit says.

Cawthon said Kilgo's family members discovered the body after they went to the home early Saturday morning in the 200 block of River Ridge Drive after not hearing from the man for some time.

Cawthon said Justice of the Peace David Paryea, who pronounced Kilgo dead at the scene, ordered an autopsy.

Cawthon also said the body showed signs of decomposition.

Investigators believe Kilgo actually was killed three to four days before he was found, Cawthon said.

He was reported missing on Friday.

Services will be held for Kilgo on Saturday.

Visitation is at 1 p.m. Saturday at Connally-Compton Funeral Home in Waco followed a funeral service at 2 p.m.

Kilgo was related to Dub Kilgo, the former head coach of the McLennan Community College Baseball team.

His brother George Kilgo, is also a coach at La Vega ISD.

Friend Jerry Lynch, who would often see Kilgo dancing at the Sul Ross Community Center in Waco, said Kilgo was a man with a kind spirit.

"You may have bad things happen to you and you get grumpy, but then you come down here and you see Al having a good time and it made me want to be more like him," Lynch said.

(Matt Howerton contributed to this story)

Jimmie Smith, Jr. (Jail photo)
Roy Lee Boykin (Jail photo)
Albert Kilgo (Courtesy photo)
Albert Kilgo (Courtesy photo)