Local Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Man Barricaded Inside Home

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BOSQUE COUNTY (May 20, 2013)—An Bosque County man is dead and a Bosque County Sheriff's Deputy is on paid administrative leave following a shooting at a rural residence in Laguna Park.

Alan Stokes, 22, was pronounced dead at the scene Monday afternoon and a Bosque County Justice of the Peace ordered his body taken for autopsy.

According to the Bosque County Sherriff's Office, around 3 p.m. on Monday deputies responded to a call from the 100 block of County Road 1607 in Laguna Park where the caller reported a stabbing.

When deputies arrived a medical team was taking a pregnant woman from inside the home.

It was not clear if she had been injured.

The woman told deputies that a man who had been taking some type of medication was barricaded inside the home and was stabbing himself.

In spite of several requests by deputies, the man refused to come out.

As deputies went inside the house they noticed blood on the front porch and once inside found large pools of blood on the floors.

Deputies eventually found the man in a darkened bedroom.

Then when deputies ordered the man to put up his hands, they say he pulled what appeared to be a handgun.

Deputies then told the man to drop the gun but instead he pointed the pistol at deputies and made threatening statements.

Fearing for his own life one of the deputies shot the suspect in the chest.

The deputy who shot Stokes has been placed on paid administrative leave and Texas Rangers were called to investigate the incident.

The deputy’s name has not been released.