Local Veteran Claims $1 Million Contest Prize

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HARKER HEIGHTS (December 4, 2013) Nolanville veteran Scott Rowe claimed the $1 million prize Wednesday in Old Navy's Overnight Millionaire Black Friday Sweepstakes.

Scott Rowe (holding right side of check) claimed his prize Wednesday. (Photo by Rachel Cox)

The check was presented to Rowe Wednesday at the Harker Heights Old Navy Store.

Rowe is an 11-year U.S. Army Veteran with two daughters, ages 7 and 6.

For the past five years he's been working in Afghanistan as a civilian who trains dogs to detect explosive devices.

He was set to go back to Afghanistan in eleven days, but now says he will be able to stay home with his family for the holidays.

Rowe got in line last Thursday night behind 375 people to do some shopping at the store and was given a game piece for the contest after an hour long wait.

The first 500 people in line Thursday night were given the game pieces.

Rowe was chosen at random on Friday night out of all the other entrants across the country.

Old Navy released tape of the phone call that was made to Rowe to notify him that he'd won $1 million.

In the call Rowe expresses disbelief that he was chosen and even asks the caller if it was a joke.

Rowe's mother even got on the phone to confirm the news.

In the phone call Rowe says he wants to pay for college for his children and help make this Christmas even better for them.

The veteran even said in an interview with Old Navy that he'd considered becoming a police officer but hadn't pursued the goal because he couldn't take off too much time for work for the academy.