Volunteers Help Area Parents Provide Birthday Cakes for Kids

(Photo by Chinh Doan)
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KILLEEN (February 2, 2013)--"Free Cakes for Kids Killeen," is a group of over 60 volunteers who bake birthday cakes for kids whose parents are in a bind, and they do it all on their own time and money.

Brandi Frazier is one of Free Cakes for Kids Killeen's newest volunteers.

"I love kids and think every child should have a birthday cake, so this is a way for me to make sure it happens," Frazier said.

Frazier has baked three cakes so far; that's three kids' birthdays made special.

The Colon family of Nolanville has been one of the organization's recipients.

It's been tough lately for Orangel and Joanne Colon and their kids Natalia, Mckaylah, Jeremy and Sophie mainly because of health issues.

Joanne, Natalia and Jeremy have epilepsy, a medical condition that produces seizures, and treatment can be expensive.

"We tried to keep everything normal, but we couldn't, and it was hard," Joanne said.

Orangel and Joanne knew that celebrating their eight and nine year olds Mckaylah and Natalia's birthday last December would be hard.

"You try to get your kids things to make them happy so they can enjoy their birthday," said Orangel.

The parents thought they'd have to tell their girls no celebration, but Free Cakes for Kids Killeen stepped in to make sure their day was just as special.

"They take weight off people's shoulders," Orangel said.

Mckaylah and Natalia said their special day wouldn't have been as special without volunteers like Brandi.

"We wouldn't be having a good time and celebrating our birthday," Mckaylah said.

Those who get these cakes say it's what's inside the cake that makes it a cut above any bakery's.

"You're looking at time and effort, and not only that, the cakes were delicious, too," said Orangel.

In the two years that Free Cakes for Kids Killeen has been around, volunteers have made over 400 cakes, and they hope to continue baking more surprises.