Woman’s Close Call With Man Who Killed As A Teen Sparks Concerns

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WACO (June 12, 2014) The McLennan County Sheriff's Office was inundated with calls Thursday from concerned residents in response to a News 10 story about a local woman who discovered by accident that her fiancée served time for murder as a juvenile.

Jovan Collier (File photo)

Jovan Collier, also known as "Joe", was confronted by his now former fiancée in Waco Tuesday afternoon.

She discovered his former identity as the result of a true crime TV show that recounted the case of 14-year-old Peter Zimmer, who murdered his adoptive parents and younger brother in 1983.

It turned out that Zimmer and Collier are the same person.

Hans and Sally Zimmer and their other adopted son, Perry, 10 were killed in May 1983 at their home in rural Wisconsin.

Hans Zimmer was shot five times and his wife was stabbed to death and left in a shed behind the house with a rosary on her body.

Perry Zimmer was stabbed more than 25 times.

Under Wisconsin law at the time, Peter Zimmer couldn’t be charged as an adult.

He pleaded no contest to the murders and was found to be a delinquent.

There was no trial.

Zimmer spent four years in a state-run juvenile detention center before he was released at the age of 18 with a new name, a trust fund from his dead parent's estate and a one-way ticket to Florida.

Zimmer than reappeared in 2009 after authorities named him a fugitive in connection with three episodes of stalking involving an ex-girlfriend.

In 2010, he was arrested and jailed on those charges.

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara has learned a lot about Collier in the last several days.

"He preys on women. He's gotten a lot smarter. He's a smooth operator and he's weaseled his way into Central Texas," McNamara said.

He lures women with the story of his tragic past, and McNamara says his latest target was a woman here.

The woman had no idea about her fiancée's past... until his story was included in an episode of a true crime show on TV.

"Getting engaged to a young lady, a very innocent person that has no idea that he's committed these murders, has no idea he just got out of prison in Florida for what he did to a woman there--she was totally unsuspecting," McNamara said.

Authorities have learned that Collier has married twice, been engaged to a few other women and has had a number of girlfriends along the way, but the local woman whose heart he captured is no longer one of them.

"We're monitoring him very closely,” McNamara said.