Fort Hood Fires Nearly Out After Burning 1,000 Acres

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FORT HOOD (April 30, 2014) Wildfires that have burned more than 1,000 acres on two Fort Hood training ranges over the past two days were almost out Wednesday, post spokesman Tyler Broadway said.

(Photo by Ben Griffin)

The fires broke out earlier in the week on the Blackwell and Lone Star ranges and each spread over about 500 acres.

The two fires were 90 percent contained Wednesday morning, Fort Hood Fire Chief Billy Rhoads said.

Neither fire posed any threat to any structures.

On Tuesday efforts to contain the fires had to be scaled back after high wind speeds grounded helicopters that were being used to drop water on the flames, Rhoads said.

The fires started Monday after sparks from gunnery exercises caused the dry grass and brush to go up in flames.

They produced a massive cloud of smoke that was visible for miles and that prompted calls to area fire departments.

The Blackwell fire was burning in an area where there is unexploded ordnance and crews had some issues with one of the explosives igniting and burning off, Rhoads said.

Because of the dangers in the area crews are equipped with GPS to prevent them running across unexploded ordnance that they might detonate accidentally, Rhoads said.

No injuries have been reported.

(Photo courtesy of Stephanie McGinty)