Man In Custody After Armed Standoff Over Night

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COVINGTON (August 19, 2014) COVINGTON (August 19, 2014) A Covington man was in custody Tuesday in Hill County after he fired shots at deputies and at state troopers in a helicopter.

The incident began at about 7 p.m. Monday when the suspect threatened his neighbor with a gun.

The suspect fled into some nearby woods but after his neighbor left the area, he returned to her house and burned in to the ground.

Deputies were sent to the scene and when they arrived the suspect had fled into some nearby brush where he was able to elude capture, Hill Count Sheriff Michael Cox said.

The sheriff summoned a helicopter from the Department of Public Safety which was equipped with a forward-looking infrared radar, Cox said.

As the helicopter was flying over, the suspect fired several shots at the helicopter using a high-powered rifle. Cox said.

The tactical flying officer onboard the helicopter returned fire, Cox said.

The Hill County Sheriff’s Special Response team was sent to the house and Sheriff Cox requested assistance from McLennan County’s SWAT team, Cox said.

Initial reports indicated no one was hit by the gunfire.

McLennan County Deputy Capt. Bubba Collier said Hill County deputies requested the McLennan County SWAT team to help defuse the situation.

The situation first started when a man was refused financing to buy a new vehicle from an auto dealership in West.

When the man learned his financing had been denied, he called the dealership and threatened to go there and shoot someone if they didn't deliver his new vehicle to his home.

Robert Evans,62, was in custody Tuesday afternoon in the Hill County Jal, facing charges of
aggravated assault on a peace officer, felon in possession of a firearm, deadly conduct, arson, manufacturing and delivering of a controlled Substance, and possible federal court charge federal charges of discharging a firearm at an aircraft, He said.

The Texas Rangers are assisting the Hill County Sheriff’s Office on the investigation.

When deputies arrived to investigate the report from West police, a man started firing at them from a densely wooded area.

Eventually the armed suspect surrendered to deputies.

Covington is in northwest Hill County about 17 miles north of Hillsboro.

While searching his home, the authorities found several weapons and ample ammunition, all ready for use.

Covington is in northwest Hill County about 17 miles north of Hillsboro.

Deputies also found marijuana plants behind the house.