Man Involved In Drunken Driving Accident Makes Miracle Recovery

Travis Bigham (Courtesy photo)
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HEWITT (January 6, 2012)--Many know the horror of drunken driving accidents, and 24-year-old Travis Bigham's family isn't any different.

In 2010, Bigham was moving quickly through adulthood at age 21. But on July 25 of that year, Bigham was handed the biggest obstacle of his life. Bigham chose to ride as a passenger with someone who was driving drunk.

"Travis was involved in a horrible car wreck," Bigham's mother Lynna Jackson said.

"He wasn't supposed to live, they didn't even think he would make it 24 hours."

The accident put Bigham in a coma for four months. When he awoke, he began using a feeding tube and had traumatic brain injuries. Doctors told his mother he would never walk or communicate the same way again.

"It was just like living in another world," Jackson said.

"It was the most life changing thing you could have ever imagined."

Yet, hope was restored when Bigham began rehab. His original diagnosis was immediately overshadowed by his success in therapy.

"He's just kept amazing us," Jackson said.

"We all give credit to God, the prayers, Travis' will, and Travis' determination."

After two years, Bigham can now walk, is learning to speak again, and can eat soft foods. Because of his recovery, his mother now calls him "Superman."

"He is my hero all the way," Jackson.

Bigham's mind is still ahead of his body though. He's heading to Galveston to continue rehab for the next six months.

He answered some of our questions via iPad, and said he wants to be an author. But the one thing Bigham said he wanted people to know most, was that he regrets the car ride that changed his life forever.