Man Sentenced To Prison For Theft Of Sandwich From Local Subway

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WACO (December 16, 2013) A Waco man who pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the theft of a sandwich was sentenced Monday to three years in prison.

State District Judge Ralph Strother sentenced Antonio Singleton, 20, Monday after Singleton pleaded guilty earlier to stealing the sandwich from a Subway shop last April and then fighting with a shop employee who was trying to get him to pay for the sub.

The incident happened at around 8:30 p.m. on April 20 at the Subway at 5530 Bosque Blvd.

A man later identified as Singleton walked in, ordered a sandwich, but after the order was filled offered to pay a small portion of the cost of the sub.

When a worker at Subway demanded the rest of the money, the man refused to pay and walked out of the shop.

The employee followed him and once outside a scuffle broke out between the two in which the employee received minor injuries.

The man ran, but officers caught up with him in the parking lot at a nearby Target store and arrested him.