Man Stung To Death By Swarm Of Killer Bees

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MOODY (June 1, 2013)--A man has been stung to death by a swarm of African Killer bees.

The victim was riding a lawn mower when he bumped a brush pile hiding a bee hive.

He was stung several times and ran to a neighbors house for help.

One woman was stung and sent to a hospital. She's said to be in good condition.

McLennan County Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon said the man was completely covered in the bees and was killed almost instantly.

An exterminator removed the hive from the area. He said the bees will follow the hive, meaning they should no longer be a threat.

A Moody fireman was also stung but did not need to be hospitalized.

Cawthon says he's seen many cases of animals getting stung to death, but this was a first for him.