Drunken Drive Leaves 3 Vehicles, Building, Gate Damaged

Jacob McKenzie (Jail photo)

COLLEGE STATION (April 17, 2014) A vehicle driven by a suspected drunken driver struck three vehicles, a building, almost hit a police officer and then ran over a parking lot gate as the man at the wheel attempted to elude the officer early Thursday morning.

Jacob McKenzie, 26, of Waco, was arrested and charged with evading detention in a motor vehicle, driving while intoxicated, and three counts of failure to stop and leave information, College Station police said.

Bonds on the failure to stop and leave information charges totaled $6,000, but no bond was set on either of the other charges, according to online records.

The series of crashes started with a hit-and-run crash just before 2 a.m. Thursday.

As the responding officer checked the area for the hit-and-run driver, he spotted the vehicle traveling toward him, headed north in the southbound lane where it struck a second vehicle and almost hit the officer, police said.

As the officer turned around, the fleeing driver’s vehicle crashed into a building.

The man at the wheel then reversed course and tried to escape into a parking lot, where his vehicle struck a parked car and ran over a gate, which disabled it.

The officer was able to arrest the driver without incident, police said.