Animal Alliance hosts Mega Adoption Event In Central Texas

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WACO (June 7, 2014) There are cats and dogs that will be sleeping in new permanent homes tonight after Waco's Animal Alliance mega adoption event.

Nearly 50 pets were looking for owners today in one of the biggest joint efforts between animal shelters all across Central Texas.

But pets and pet owners weren't the only ones that had something to smile about. The shelters here today are fighting to become no kill shelters. To become one, the live exit rate of the animals has to be at 90% percent.

At the Waco Animal Shelter that number is currently sitting at 85% a huge improvement from under 50% just two years ago.
If the goal is reached, healthy dogs and cats will no longer be euthanized.

Another incentive for adoption is that the pets going home tonight will be spayed, neutered and micro-chipped.

The McLennan Animal Rescue Coalition will put on another mega adoption event in three months