Two Winning Mega Millions Tickets Sold

ATLANTA (December 18, 2013) Two winning tickets were sold in the near-record $636 million Mega Millions drawing, one at a tiny newsstand in Atlanta, the other more than 2,000 miles away at a gift shop in California.

Lottery officials say a Georgia woman has one of the two.

They identified her as Ira Curry, of Stone Mountain, Ga., east of Atlanta.

Officials say she bought one ticket and chose the numbers herself, using family birthdays and her family's lucky number, which is 7.

Curry did not attend the news conference.

The other winning ticket was sold at a gift shop in San Jose, Calif.

The winning ticket in Georgia was sold at a newsstand in Buckhead, a financial center of Atlanta.

Georgia Lottery chief executive Debbie Alford says Curry is in a state of shock and that she plans to take the lump sum payout of $123 million after taxes.

California gives winners a year to come forward.

Thuy Nguyen owns Jennifer's Gift Shop in San Jose where the other winning ticket was sold and California Lottery officials say he'll get $1 million for selling a winning ticket, but his counterparts in Georgia aren't as lucky.

Young Soo Lee and Young Lee own the Gateway Newsstand at an office building in upscale northern Atlanta where Curry bought her ticket.

Georgia officials said Wednesday that they get no bonus beyond the usual commission on lottery sales.