Military Mothers Look To Home Front While Preparing Soldier Care Packages

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WACO (November 26, 2012)- Many try to make Christmas an easier time for the men and women serving in our military all over the world. The Blue Star Mothers of McLennan County are doing just that and more this holiday season.

As they prepared care packages to send to troops overseas Monday evening, appreciation for our veterans was on their minds.

"When they open these packages over there in the sand, they know someone back home cares," Blue Star Mother Mary Duty said.

Duty and other Blue Star Mothers are on a mission this year. Their objective? To make Christmas more than just a holiday for the men and women serving the U.S.

"We as a community can remind our troops that we do remember, that we do care, and that we pray everyday for our troops to return," Duty said.

Hygiene items, food, candy, and toys all go into boxes. They're then shipped to the men and women of our armed forces all over the world.

It doesn't seem like much, but the effort to remember who's fighting for our freedom is what counts.

"It's more than just a box, it's a link back to a life these veterans are going to have again someday," Duty said.

With the amount of soldiers returning home in the past year, Duty and The Blue Star Mothers of McLennan County are looking more towards the home front.

Now they're sending care packages to soldiers in VA Hospitals, and to those involved in the Wounded Warrior Project.

"I thank God we don't have as many soldiers in combat this year, but we can't forget our wounded back home," Duty said.

It may sound like a pain to start wrapping presents this early, but Duty says the cause is an act of appreciation to those who deserve gratitude most.

"What would happen to us if no one would stand up and say that this country is worth fighting for? That's why we do what we do," Duty said.