Mom's Unique Punishment Draws Strong Reactions

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TROY (January 17, 2013) A Central Texas elementary school student is dealing with a unique punishment after bringing home bad grades on her report card.

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Ashley Bogs said she had always encouraged her 10-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, to be outspoken until it started getting in the way of her grades.

"She was straight A's the first six weeks," Bogs said.

"She then starts coming down to B's and C's."

Bogs said after talking with Mackenzie's teachers it became clear the fifth grader was doing more socializing than school work, so Bogs grounded her.

"No phone, no iPod, nothing," Bogs said.

"It didn't bother her. She didn't even care."

Bogs said when that didn't work, she decided to get more creative with the punishment.

For one day, she forced her daughter to wear an embarrassing outfit to school.

"With the crying and kicking and screaming that she didn't want to wear it, I started to feel bad," Bogs said.

"But I decided to stick to my guns and make her wear it."

"The shirt is ugly, the shoes are ugly," Mackenzie said.

"Some of my classmates said the outfit was cute, some didn't care"

Bogs said making sure Mackenzie understands the importance of good grades is a must.

"I think that she realizes that we are not joking," Bogs said.

"I am not playing anymore. I am not going to be nice about it. You are either going to humiliate yourself by wearing something hideous or get your grades up. One or the other."

Mackenzie said she promises to take school more seriously now.