More Texas High School Grads Pass AP Exams

AUSTIN (February 11, 2014) The percentage of Texas high school graduates passing advanced placement exams has improved to just less than the national average.

Some 18.5 percent of the class of 2013 earned a 3 or above, considered passing, on at least one AP exam, according to a report released Tuesday by The College Board, which administers AP tests, which ranks that as 19th best nationwide.

The national average is 20.1 percent.

In all, 35.9 percent of high school graduates took an AP exam, up from 34.4 percent the previous year and above 2013's national average of 33.2 percent.

About half of all Texas AP exam-takers were from low-income families, and 43.9 percent scored a 3 or better.

In 2003, just 20.4 percent of Texas high school graduates took AP exams, and 11.9 percent scored a 3-plus.