Muddy Road Leaves Local Residents Marooned

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VALLEY MILLS (May 28, 2014) Rain has caused headaches for many across Central Texas, but a group of neighbors outside of Valley Mills may have the biggest reason to gripe. A road leading into their subdivision is so muddy that many of them haven’t left their homes in three days.

The mud is almost the length of a football field and can be found on a private drive just off of Markum Ranch road.

Neighbors say the road maroons them anytime it rains, and say the only way to get through it is in a vehicle with four-wheel drive.

Robert Kay, a nearby resident, says when the road gets bad postal workers won’t deliver mail and school busses won’t pick up his kids in fear of getting stuck.

"It's a pain, it's hard to come through, it’s disgusting, and nobody wants to fix it," Kay said.

Another neighbor, Rebecca Defay, says she’s been fired in the past because the road left her unable to leave for work.

“I have a little car and I can’t get through this, and what employer believes you when you call in and tell them you can’t work because of mud?” Defay said.

Headaches continue for another neighbor Irma Zapata. People are driving through her front yard to get around the mud trench, creating ruts and destroying her property.

“They’ve created almost a new path at the edge of my yard, I mean, I don’t mind but I feel like I should put up a toll booth or something,” Zapata said.

Solutions have been hard to come by for all three neighbors. The previous landowner, who many in the subdivision are still paying for their property, says maintaining the road lies with the residents.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear if Bosque County has any obligation to repairing the trench.

Either way, until a resolution arises or the road dries up, Kay, Zapata, and Defay will remain stranded.

“It’s frustrating, we’ve tried everything. All I know now is when it rains, I’m not going anywhere,” Kay said.