NRA Pistol Instructor And Roommates Robbed, May Have Lead On Suspect's Vehicle

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WACO (December 23, 2012)--A grinch has ruined Christmas for an NRA pistol instructor and 2 of his college roommates. Steven Dowell, a Baylor Student and NRA pistol instructor, says a burglar made off with an estimated $1500 worth of stolen goods from his home on S. 8th Street in Waco last Friday.

Among those goods was a big screen TV, video game systems, and cash. Steven says the burglar broke into his home by shattering a window with a brick near the back of his house. Waco Police responded to the scene and is currently investigating the burglary.

But Steven says he thinks he knows the grinch who ruined his Christmas.

Last week, Steven says a white single cab Chevy Cheyenne truck drove into his driveway. A man got out of the truck and approached Steven's home.

Steven observed the man looking into his windows and walking through his backyard. By the time Steven grabbed the phone to call police, the man sped off towards I-35.

Steven made flyers with an example photo of the man's truck on it, and has posted them throughout Waco.

He knows there's a good chance he won't get any of the stolen items back, but wants to try and alert the public about the thief.

If you have any information regarding this break-in, call Waco Police at (254) 750-7500