Naked Man Robbed At Gunpoint During Tryst At Local Motel

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WACO (May 22, 2013)—A man who thought he was going to have sex with a woman at a Waco motel early Wednesday ended up alone, naked and without his wallet and cell phone after two men robbed him at gunpoint.

Officers were sent at around 3 a.m. Wednesday to the Motel 6 in Waco where the man told them he was undressing in the woman’s room when she opened the door and let the two men in, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

The men, both of whom were armed with handguns, demanded money, Swanton said.

They and the woman escaped with the victim’s phone and wallet and his pants, Swanton said.

Police searched the area but we unable to find any suspects, Swanton said.

The victim was not injured.