Obama Will Attend Fort Hood Memorial; Map Of Scene Released

Staff Sgt. Carlos Lazaney-Rodriguez (left), Sgt. Timothy Owens (center) and Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Ferguson died in the shooting. (Courtesy photos)

FORT HOOD (April 6, 2014) President Barack Obama will attend a memorial service Wednesday at Fort Hood for three soldiers who died in a shooting rampage last week on post, presidential adviser Dan Pfeiffer said Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Meanwhile Fort Hood has released a map of the shooting scene and a brief chronology of the rampage.

The three soldiers who were killed in the rampage Wednesday at Fort Hood were identified Friday as Sgt. Timothy Owens, 37, of Effingham, Ill., an Iraq war veteran; Staff Sgt. Carlos A. Lazaney-Rodriguez, 38, of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, a 20-year Army veteran who was planning to retire; and Sgt. 1st Class Danny Ferguson, 39, of Mulberry, Fla., a Bronze Star winner who had just returned from a deployment to Afghanistan.

The shooting left 16 other soldiers injured.

Spc. Ivan Antonio Lopez, 34, opened fire late Wednesday afternoon first in a building in the 1st Medical Brigade area and then got into a vehicle, firing several times, as he drove to a second building in the 49th Transportation Battalion area.

He got out, entered the second building, and opened fire again.

A female military police officer then confronted him in the parking lot, Fort Hood and III Corps Commander Lt. Gen. Mark Milley said.

Milley said the soldier fired at Lopez, but said there was no indication the shot struck him.

He then killed himself.

Milley said Friday that Lopez’s mental condition was not the “direct precipitating factor” in the deadly shooting.

On Thursday he said it might have been, but on Friday he said an "escalating argument" with other soldiers in Lopez’s unit led to the attack.

Chris Grey, a spokesman for the Army's Criminal Investigation Command based in Quantico, Va., said the military has not established a "concrete motive" for the rampage, and Lopez is dead, Grey says the motive may never be determined.