Obese Doberman Rescued In Texas Is Miserable, Maybe Depressed

SAN ANTONIO (July 31, 2014) An obese Doberman named Bear that a rescue organization took in last Friday morning near Fort Worth will be transferred to Conroe for further care, a spokeswoman for San Antonio’s Animal Care Services said.

The dog weighs 147 pounds, twice the size of an average Doberman, looks miserable and may be depressed, caregivers said.

The dog has a microchip, but the chip isn't registered.

Caregivers have Bear on joint supplement and thyroid medication and say he’s also dealing with high cholesterol.

The spokeswoman says caregivers will start by taking Bear "on some very short walks."

He will be fed four small meals a day of premium food, she said.

The dog's eventual goal weigh is 80 pounds.