Parent: Recall WISD Board Member Who Owes $45K In Child Support

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WACO (May 20, 2014) A concerned parent is pushing to recall a newly elected Waco ISD school board member after he admitted to owing thousands in unpaid child support to a Waco woman.

Earlier this month, 42-year-old Colbert Murphy won a seat on the Waco ISD school board, but he’s since admitted to News 10 and the Waco Tribune that he’s consumed by $45,055 worth of child support debt.

Murphy is working with the Texas Attorney General’s Office to pay off his arrears; however Waco ISD parent Michael Parker isn’t impressed.

“We don't need a person who can't pay their child support to be in charge of taking care of our kids," Parker said.

Parker runs a paralegal business and remains frustrated that Murphy’s debt wasn’t a red flag when his name wasn’t placed on the ballot.

“If we as parents want to volunteer at Waco ISD, they make us go through background checks. Why don’t they do the same for candidates?” Parker said.

“I know men who owe less in child support and are sitting in the McLennan County Jail right now.”

Murphy told News 10 on Tuesday that he’s never fully had the means to pay off his debts, but uses his misfortunes to mold and better young minds.

“I'm the quintessential cautionary tale," Murphy said.

"There's no reason for anyone to view my behavior that led to this situation and not be able to find a way to avoid it.”

Waco ISD spokesperson Dale Caffey told News 10 on Tuesday that Murphy’s past doesn’t prevent him from serving on the board.

Murphy will officially take his seat with Waco ISD during Thursday night’s school board meeting.

Parker plans on being there to notify board members that he will be spearheading recall efforts by starting a petition.

Parker told News 10 he’ll address the problem at every school board meeting until Murphy’s removed.

"If you can't take care of your own household finances, then how are you going to handle a multi-million dollar operation? I don’t think he’s a good fit," Parker said.