Part Of Military Plane Falls Into Backyard Of Texas Home

(U.S. Air Force photo)

SAN ANTONIO (July 26, 2013)—An investigation is underway after a piece of the exterior of a C-17 military plane fell off the aircraft and landed in the backyard a home in San Antonio home.

No one was injured.

Joint Base San Antonio spokesman Brent Boller said the plane took off Thursday morning from Port San Antonio and confirmed it did lose a part.

Melissa Gutierrez and her boyfriend, Nate Martinez, were startled by the loud scraping sound when the plane piece landed in the yard.

The impact knocked some pictures of the wall of the home and did a little damage to the couple’s outdoor grill.

Boller said there’s no indication the plane was affected by the loss of the part.

Boeing spokesman Peter P. Pedraza says an investigation is being conducted into an "in-flight mishap" concerning a U.S. Air Force C-17.

The C-17 is a large transport plane that's used to transport troops and cargo throughout the world.