Pink Toilets Raising Money For Cancer Research

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WACO (July 8, 2014) They're popping up in yards across Central Texas.

Two blinged out pink potties.

A team of emergency room nurses called "Team Boobshakalaka" is raising money to participate in a 3-day 60 mile walk sponsored by Susan G. Komen for the Cure this fall.

Here's how it works: It works by referrals. You can give the team your address or someone else's and they will drop it off in her front yard.

To have the potty taken away, you donate $10.

To give it to a friend, it's $20.

You can also get toilet insurance for $30 bucks.

Team members say it guarantees the toilet won't end up back in your yard.

The pink potties have been on 35 lawns in Lacy Lakeview, Waco, China Spring, and Speegleville.

The team says resident are really getting into the idea and it's a fun way to help contribute to a worthy cause.

But on a personal note, one of the members, Felicia Pratt says both of her grandmothers suffered from breast cancer.

" For me and my grandfather, you felt helpless. You felt like there was nothing you could do to help her. The only thing you can do was be there for her and support her."

" Any money we raise goes toward breast cancer research and to me that's awesome because we are just a step away from finding a cure."

The team is trying to raise $9200 dollars and have gotten more than two-thousand so far.

With any luck, and a lot of trips around town with their porcelain prize, they'll reach their goal.