Police Interview One Of 3 Victims Of Package Bomb Explosion

BROWNSVILLE (January 16, 2013)--Investigators have been able to talk briefly with a Brownsville woman who was seriously hurt when a package exploded in her home, but her injured husband and daughter are not yet able to speak.

Brownsville police spokesman J.J. Trevino says investigators spoke with Iviz Machado, 30, Tuesday, but obtained only basic information.

Trevino said Wednesday that Jesus Juarez, 26, remained under heavy medication and could not talk.

Both were being treated at a San Antonio burn center.

Trevino says the couple's daughter, Andrea Juarez, 5, remained in critical, but stable condition at a Galveston hospital.

The family found a package outside their home last Friday morning, took it inside and opened it.

One of several explosive devices inside detonated.

A $1,000 reward is offered for information about the bomb.