Full Story Of Texas Family’s 7-Month Tragedy May Never Be Known

FRISCO (September 5, 2014) Authorities have confirmed two bodies found at home in the Dallas suburb of Frisco were those of the parents of a 10-year-old boy in whose mysterious death in January the woman was charged with murder.

The discovery of the bodies of Sumeet Dhawan, 43, ,and his wife, Pallavi Dhawan, 39, marked the end of a seven-month tragedy, and their lawyer says the full story of the family’s ordeal may never be known.

On Wednesday, officers responding to a report of a drowning found Pallavi Dhawan's body in the family's backyard pool, Frisco Assistant Police Chief Darren Stevens said Friday.

She had no visible wounds, he said.

Her husband’s body was found on a bed.

He had a head wound and a fractured hand, Stevens said.

A note was found at the home, but Stevens declined to reveal its contents.

There were no signs of forced entry, he said.

In January the couple’s 10-year-old son, Arnav, was found dead in a bathtub in the home.

Officers found the body after responding to a call from the boy’s father, who returned home Jan. 29 after a three-week business trip, a police statement said.

He told officers he had learned through email that his son had not attended school for several days and said he was concerned because his wife had left the house earlier and had not returned, the statement said.

While officers were talking to him, Pallavi Dhawan returned.

Officers asked her where the boy was and she indicated she wanted to speak privately with her husband, first, the statement said.

A short time later the husband called officers over and pointed toward a bathroom door, which was locked.

“Officers asked Mrs. Dhawan if the child was in the room and she nodded her head ‘yes’”, the statement said.

“Officers asked her if she killed the child and Mrs. Dhawan nodded her head ‘yes’ again,” the statement said.

Dhawan's attorney, David Finn, later told the Dallas Morning News that the boy was a special-needs child who was born with a brain cyst and microcephaly, a condition characterized by an abnormally small head.

A police affidavit says Sumeet Dhawan also told investigators that his wife was having mental health issues and that they had been having marital problems.

The boy's mother was charged with murder and the charge stood, despite a Collin County medical examiner's report released in March that ruled the cause of the death of Arnav Dhawan undetermined, but said "natural disease is most likely."

According to the report, the boy likely had a seizure that led to a ruptured cyst in his brain and heart attack.

She was free on bond when she died and Finn had strenuously asserted her innocence.

Now that Dhawans are all dead, he said he's unsure the truth will ever be known.

Finn says he has been working with the Dhawans' extended family, trying to arrange the return of their bodies to India for cremation in the Hindu tradition.