Police Look For Man Who Accosted 2 Women In Local Park

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WACO (January 30, 2014) Investigators have identified a “person of interest” after two women were accosted in separate incidents while walking or jogging in the area of Jacob’s Ladder in Waco’s Cameron Park, police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said Thursday.

Cameron Park (File photo)

No arrests have been made, he said.

Jacob’s Ladder is in the area the park along the Brazos River just west of Herring Avenue.

Both victims said the man was Hispanic and stood about 5-foot-9, weighed about 175 pounds and had short black hair.

In the first incident on Tuesday a woman was jogging alone on trails north of Jacob’s Ladder when the man approached her and touched her inappropriately, Swanton said.

The man fled when another jogger started down the trail, he said.

As the woman was leaving the area, she saw the man again near Jacob’s Ladder.

She later called police.

The second incident occurred Wednesday in the same area when a man approached a woman who was walking, motioned for her, and then put his hands into his pants, Swanton said.

The woman contacted a park ranger who called police.

Neither woman was physically harmed.

Swanton say residents who set out on hikes, walks or runs should always let someone know where they’re going and when they plan to return.

Residents shouldn’t walk, jog or hike alone in the park, but instead should go in groups or with another person.

Runners, hikers and joggers should carry cell phones and should be aware that the use of headphones could impede the ability to hear someone who approaches from the rear, he said.