Police Use Pepper Spray On Basketball Players, Coaches From Area College

KILGORE (February 27, 2013)—Police used pepper spray on 15 basketball players and three coaches from Navarro College in Corsicana after the team lost its road game against Kilgore College, but Navarro officials deny claims the players were unruly.

Kilgore College spokesman Chris Craddock said Wednesday the Navarro players made threats and two officers discharged pepper spray when the team refused to return to the locker room.

Craddock said the officers remain on the job and an investigation continues.

But Navarro College district president Richard Sanchez denies that the players were unruly after the 88-78 loss Saturday at Kilgore College.

Navarro College Athletic Director Roark Montgomery said the 15 players and three coaches suffered some effects from the pepper spray and several players applied cooling foam to their skin.

He said he thinks police were too aggressive.