Police Identify Source Of College House Party Overdoses

(File photo)

ROSLYN, Wash. (October 26, 2010)—Nine university students, most of them women, ended up in hospitals after overdosing on an alcohol-caffeine drink called Four Loko at a house party earlier this month in central Washington, police said.

Doctors had to put one of the Central Washington University students into a medically induced coma, but she has since recovered.

The blood alcohol levels of the party goers ranged from .12 to .35, more than four times the legal limit, Cle Elum, Wash., police said.

University officials said that none of the students will be expelled.

Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, who spoke at a news conference with police and university officials Monday, said he has contacted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about banning "Four Loko" and drinks like it.

"Now we have incident, after incident, after incident across the country of people drinking alcohol energy drinks and drinking to the point of that being extremely dangerous," McKenna said.

Four Loko is a 24-ounce energy drink of fruity flavors, caffeine and alcohol that contains 12 percent alcohol, about the equivalent of six beers.

The investigation started earlier this month after officers and Kittitas County sheriff's deputies responded to a report that a person who evidently overdosed was at a Roslyn, Wash. grocery store.

Acting on information from the victim's friends, police went to the house party and found 11 more young people either passed out or semi-conscious.

Many of the roughly 50 people at the party were students at Central Washington University.

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