Popular Cameron Park Zoo Giraffe Dies At 21

(Zoo photo)

WACO (July 12, 2013)—A giraffe that was on exhibit from the day the Cameron Park Zoo opened in 1993 died early Friday morning.

The reticulated giraffe named Jeffrey was 21-years-old and had been under veterinary care for arthritis.

A necropsy will be performed to determine the cause of the giraffe’s death.

The zoo acquired the giraffe shortly before opening 20 years ago this summer.

“Jeffrey lived a long and prolific life, siring seven offspring during his lifetime,” the zoo said in a press release Friday.

Reticulated giraffes typically live to the age of 20 to 25, but some have lived as long as 30 years the zoo said.

“Although, we understand that no animal lives forever and the increasing age of the animals in the collection means we will eventually have to say goodbye, it is still very difficult and all of us at Cameron Park Zoo are mourning Jeffrey’s passing,” the zoo said.

Zoo officials are working to acquire a pair of giraffes to serve companions to the remaining giraffe, Jenny.