Pot Shot Taken At Local School Bus; Driver Quits

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KILLEEN (January 15, 2014) Former Killeen ISD school bus driver Edwards Burris says he quit Tuesday after the district failed to respond to an incident on Monday in which someone fired a shot at his bus with a BB gun while he was taking a handicapped student home.

"I resigned my job yesterday and I've looked for employment elsewhere,” he said,

“I don't feel safe working there," he said.

Burris said he was driving Monday on Mountain Lion Road in Harker Heights near Purser Park when he heard the shot and then heard something bouncing around inside the bus.

After he pulled over he found a BB rolling around on the floor of the bus, he said.

He said he called in to report the incident, but didn’t get the response he expected.

"I called in and was in total disbelief with the response to continue on your route,” he said.

“I would assume that they would have said ‘first are you in a safe location and we'll notify the police and somebody from the front office will be out,’ that's typically what happens when they have a wreck or another incident,” he said.

“Why it wasn't done I don't know," Burris said.

Burris, the student, who’s in a wheelchair, and the student’s monitor escaped injury, but the student’s guardian was concerned about the incident, Burris said.

He said he later learned that something similar happened last year on the bus on which his daughter rides.

"I found out yesterday that sometime last year that her bus had a BB shot into its window,” he said.

“I worked for the district and had to wait over a year to find out," Burris said.

While he says he’s concerned about his daughter’s safety, he said he’s a single parent and has no other way to get her to and from school.

In a statement issued Wednesday afternoon, Killeen Deputy Superintendent John Craft said the district “is committed to ensuring the safety of our students and staff.”

He said the incident Monday is under review and said district officials were working closely with Killeen ISD police.

“At this point, we are unable to confirm the initial reported information and we are continuing to investigate the matter,” he said.