West Donations To Be Distributed Beginning Next Week

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WEST (October 1, 2013) -- After sitting idle for months, nearly $4 million in privately donated funds will begin to be dispersed to West residents next week.

An estimated $3.6 million in donations have sat idle since the West explosion. The funds have remained harbored and untouched at the town’s two banks and the Waco Foundation.

City leaders set up the Long Term Recovery Center so the money could eventually be funneled and dispersed there.

But obtaining a 501(c)3 designation, and creating a model for how the money was to be dispersed caused delays.

Long Term Recovery Board member Rev. John Crowder told News 10 that an “Unmet Needs Committee,” has been put together as of this week.

The committee, made up of 15 people, will meet Wednesday night for training.

When training is complete, the “Unmet Needs Committee” will be in charge of reviewing resident’s requests for funds next week.

They will work with caseworkers and submit those claims to the Long Term Recovery Board, a group of 5 individuals headed up by President Ron Sykora.

Other charitable organizations that have waited on the 501(c)3 designation and a model for how the money was to be dispersed, so they may donate money, will also review requests.

According to Crowder, the Long Term Recovery Board will make the final decision on how much money each resident will receive.

“The committee and other outside funders will meet early next week to consider the first requests for funds,” Crowder said.

“Within a day or two of that meeting we will be able to begin dispersing said funds,” he said.