Questions Raised About Local JP's Travel Reimbursement Reports

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WACO (June 18, 2013)-McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna has asked the Texas Rangers to review travel reimbursement reports submitted by Pct. 7 Justice of the Peace Jean Laster Boone after former employees claimed Boone told them to falsify the mileage on the documents.

Boone can claim as much as $360 a month in reimbursement for use of her personal vehicle on county business and is paid by the mile.

Documents obtained by News 10 Tuesday show that the mileage reports she's submitted for the past year almost all add up to exactly $360, each month.

In several cases, the final odometer reading that Laster reported at the end of the month was as much as 1,000 miles more than the starting reading that appeared on the next month's report.

On Tuesday, County Auditor Stan Chambers received copies of e-mails from Laster to the now-former employees directing the workers to prepare daily mileage reports without any proof the miles were actually driven.

Chambers said he would turn those over to the Texas Rangers, as well.

Boone was not available to comment Tuesday, an employee of her office said.