Raging Fire Ravages Downtown Buildings

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LOTT (August 21, 2014) An overnight fire that apparently began in a downtown Lott dentist’s office spread to at least four other buildings and left two of them destroyed.

Fire departments from Lott, Golinda, Marlin, Chilton amd Rosenthal were sent at about 9:40 p.m. Wednesday to the scene at Dr. David Shore’s dental office at 114 E. Gassaway Avenue where they found smoke and flames erupting from the building.

Flames soon spread to buildings on either side, including an antique shop.

The fire was spreading quickly and firefighters employed a ladder truck to allow them to attack the blaze from above.

The blaze was reported to be under control at about 11 p.m. but a flare-up soon after had firefighters busy until about 11:30 p.m., a firefighters at the scene said.

In all at least four buildings were involved in the blaze that firefighters said spread under a metal roof to adjacent buildings.

No one was reported injured.

Lott firefighter Ed Silva said the dentist’s office and a furniture store next door likely will be considered a total loss.

Fire units remained on the scene overnight to prevent rekindling, Silva said.

The fire scene remains under investigation in an effort to determine just how and where the fire started.