Record Percentage Of Texas Students Graduate On Time

AUSTIN (August 5, 2014) A record 88 percent of the state’s high school students graduated on time last year, up from 87.7 percent from the class of 2012, Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams said Tuesday.

It was the sixth straight year of gains.

The 85.1 percent graduation rate for Hispanic students and 84.1 percent for African-American students in the class of 2013 also are the highest ever, the figures released Tuesday show.

The same report from the Texas Education Agency shows 1.6 percent of the nearly 2.2 million students in grades seven through 12 during the 2012-2013 school year dropped out, a slight improvement from the previous year.

Williams say while trends are in the right direction, the numbers also show there's still work to do.

“With additional flexibility now provided to school districts, we should expect graduation numbers to remain strong with all students better prepared for life after high school in college, the workplace or military,” he said.

Gov. Rick Perry praised teachers and school administrators in a statement Tuesday.

“The class of 2013's historically-high graduation rate is a testament to the hard work being put in by teachers and administrators in schools across the state, and students who realize the importance of a strong education in pursuing and realizing their dreams,” he said.

Graduation Rates 2007-2013
(Source: TEA)

Class of 2013 88.0 percent
Class of 2012 87.7 percent
Class of 2011 85.9 percent
Class of 2010 84.3 percent
Class of 2009 80.6 percent
Class of 2008 79.1 percent
Class of 2007 78.0 percent