Registered Sex Offender Pleads Guilty To Killing Central Texas Woman

Edward Lee (Jail photo)

CALDWELL (April 30, 2013)--Registered sex offender Edward Clinton Lee, 52, is headed to prison for life after pleading guilty to capital murder in the death of a 53-year-old Caldwell woman the sexual assault of her granddaughter.

After the attack in June 2012, schools were put on lockdown, and entire neighborhoods were closed off during a long, armed standoff with police and SWAT.

Lee was accused of killing his longtime girlfriend and then raping the woman’s teenage granddaughter, who was eventually able to escape from the home to notify police.

He was arrested after the lengthy standoff.

Lee received an automatic life sentence Monday because prosecutors did not pursue the death penalty in order to spare the granddaughter from testifying.

Lee had a prior conviction for indecency involving a 13-year-old girl and spent a decade in prison.