Report Attaches No Blame, Finds No Wrongdoing In City Park Dog Dumping

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MARLIN (April 5, 2013)—A seven-page police report of an administrative investigation attaches no blame and finds no criminal wrongdoing in the burial of dead dogs on land next to Marlin City Park and says “no charges are expected to be filed based on the information received.”

Residents found the remains of the dogs in December next to the park.(File)

In December residents found the remains of the dogs on city-owned property next to the park, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which inspected the site, said the city failed “to prevent the unauthorized disposal of municipal solid waste, specifically noted, animal carcasses, brush, and household garbage."

The remains were in plastic trash bags, but bones were also scattered around the site, suggesting that it had been used as a dumping ground for dead animals for some time.

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The report by Marlin Police Chief Darrell Allen, which was completed earlier this year, but which the city declined to release until Friday, includes summaries of interviews with several city employees, including Marlin’s former animal control officer, Desmond King, who told investigators “He was specifically instructed to dump the dead dogs in or near the city park by William McDonald, City Manager for the City of Marlin.”

He also told investigators “he was instructed to take live cats into the county near Ball Hill and release them.”

The report says efforts to corroborate King’s statements were unsuccessful.

McDonald, whom investigators also interviewed, “was very adamant in his statement of not recalling issuing any type of directive, verbal or otherwise, to any city employee or citizen to dump animals in the city park or on city property,” the report said.

No evidence was found that “any execution of animals took place” and the report says now laws were broken “because the dogs were dumped on city property” and there’s no ordinance or law forbidding that.