Rescue Group Removes Nearly 100 Collies From Suburban Texas Home

(Houston Collie Rescue photo)

TOMBALL (August 31, 2014) Nearly 100 collie dogs were seized from a suburban Houston home as part of a bankruptcy case.

U.S. District Judge David Jones signed an order Friday allowing Houston Collie Rescue to remove the dogs from the home of optometrist Elaine Kmiec, who, the order says, failed in her duties as a debtor.

Houston Collie Rescue President Vickey Willard says she expected to remove 35 dogs, but instead, her team found 93.

She says it took about 8 hours to get all the dogs out of the Tomball home.

The dogs were found with ear infections, flea bites, mange, and the smell of urine on their coats.

Willard says dozens of dogs were seized from Kmiec’s property in 2006 in 2007, as well.