Ruling Clears The Way For Bible Study At Local High School

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WHITNEY (May 20, 2014) Worldview Ministry plans to begin holding weekly after-school Bible study sessions Tuesday at Whitney High School after a state district court judge issued a temporary restraining order against the Whitney Independent School District.

Whitney High School (Whitney ISD photo/file)

State District Court Judge F. B. “Bob” McGregor, Jr., issued the order Monday in favor of Prairie Valley Baptist Church, which sought to lead its after-school Worldview Ministry at the high school.

The Bible study will begin at 4:05 p.m. Tuesday and will be held again on May 27.

The district says the session is scheduled to start too close to the end of the school day, but on the advice of attorneys, Whitney’s school superintendent and school board president both declined comment Tuesday because the issue is still in litigation.

The district and the church are due back in court for another hearing on May 30.

The church was represented by the Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group dedicated to defending religious liberty.

"We are excited that the Christian Worldview Ministry, like other clubs, is welcome to meet after hours in Whitney ISD facilities-without government censorship," said Cleve Doty, Liberty Institute attorney.

"Well-established federal and Texas law support the right of every citizen of Whitney to free speech and free exercise of religion."