Rumor Leads To Brief Lockdown At Fort Hood Airfield

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FORT HOOD (September 27, 2013)--A brief lockdown Friday morning at Fort Hood Army Airfield was lifted after officials determined that a rumor that circulated about a possible shooting was unfounded, Fort Hood and III Corps spokesman Tyler Broadway said.

(Photo by Rachel Cox)

Several civilian employees were told to remain inside buildings at the airfield while post authorities investigated, but they have since returned to work, Broadway said.

Broadway told News 10 there was no shooting on post and that no further investigation is necessary.

Fort Hood issued a statement later in the day that said the lockdown was ordered at around 9:30 a.m. Friday "due to the rumor of an active shooter."

"Directorate of Emergency Services personnel responded and determined that there was not a threat and the situation was resolved," the statement said.