Second Texas Trooper Suspended Over Roadside Body Cavity Search

DALLAS (January 4, 2012)--A male Texas trooper has joined a female officer on paid suspension as authorities investigate the female trooper’s videotaped body cavity search of two women along a highway.

A Dallas County grand jury this month could consider the case involving Troopers David Ferrell and Kelly Helleson.

Texas Rangers helped investigate last July's traffic stop in Irving.

The Department of Public Safety suspended both troopers in late December.

The DPS didn't immediately provide further details Friday.

An Irving woman and her adult niece sued both troopers and DPS director Steve McCraw on Dec. 17.

Angel and Ashley Dobbs say the search videotaped by a patrol car camera was illegal and humiliating.

The women say Ferrell stopped them after seeing cigarette butts thrown out a window. Helleson searched the pair.

No drugs were found.