Sheriff’s Office Recovers $10K Worth Of Stolen Saddles, Guns

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MCLENNAN COUNTY (May 21, 2014) Detectives from the Mclennan County Sheriff’s Office recovered an estimated $10,000 worth of stolen property early Wednesday morning.

According to Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon, three pistols, a rifle, a bow, and four saddles were reported missing some weeks ago.

Cawthon said all of the items were recovered from pawnshops in the Waco area after investigators took a closer look at their databases.

“Getting a used saddle today might run you anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000, so this was a significant haul,” Cawthon said.

No one’s been charged with the thefts yet, but Cawthon expects his detectives to make multiple arrests in the near future.

“The bottom line here is a message for anyone that chooses to steal in this county. All of our law enforcement will be watching, and the next thing you might hear is someone kicking down your door looking for that property,” Cawthon said.