Charges Filed In Texas College Campus Shooting That Left 3 Injured

HOUSTON (January 23, 2013)—Carlton Berry, 22, was booked Wednesday, charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in a shooting on the campus of a Houston-area community college in which he and two other men were wounded.

His bond was set at $60,000.

The campus of North Harris Campus of Lone Star Community College was locked down Tuesday after the shooting, which happened during an altercation on the campus early Tuesday afternoon between two people, at least one of whom was a student, Harris County Sheriff’s Maj. Armando Tello said during a late afternoon news conference.

Both people involved in the altercation were wounded, Tello said.

A college maintenance worker who was caught in the crossfire was also wounded and a female student was taken to a hospital for medical reasons, Tello said.

Authorities Wednesday identified the second man involved in the altercation as Jody Neal, 25.

He did not have a weapon and no charges are expected, authorities said.

The wounded maintenance worker was identified Wednesday as Bobby Cliburn, 69.

The campus reopened late Tuesday afternoon, and classes resumed Wednesday.

Witnesses told a KHOU reporter two men were arguing when one of them pulled a gun and opened fire at around 12:30 p.m. on the campus in the 2700 block of West W. Thorne Drive, near Bush Intercontinental Airport about 20 miles north of downtown Houston.

One student said she and other people dove under their desks when they heard the gunshots.

Another told CNN she heard at least six shots.

Lone Star College student Brittany Mobley told KHOU-TV in Houston she witnessed the entire incident.

"I saw two dudes basically get into an altercation and the dude that shot, he basically got angry and started shooting the other guy," said Mobley. "A lot of people heard a lot of shots," she told the TV station.

Mobley said the gunman had the firearm concealed in his clothes.

"Basically, I saw the dude that shot him and as soon as I heard the bullets flying and the gun being fired off, then everyone started running and it was a hint for me to start running as well," Mobley said.

Students were evacuated form the campus after the shooting and an alert was issued on the college's website telling students and faculty on campus to take immediate shelter or avoid the campus.

Several nearby schools in the Aldine ISD district were placed on lock-down including Nimitz High School, Nimitz 9th Grade Campus, Parker Intermediate and Dunn Clifford Elementary.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott issued a statement after the shooting saying that it underscores the importance of having safety plans in place.

“All Texas schools must be places of safety and learning. Lawless shootings on campuses will not be tolerated and should meet swift justice. Texas will do all it can to make the school environment safe for students, teachers and administrators,” he said.