Small Fire Quickly Extinguished Tuesday At Local Fuel Storage Facility

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WACO (November 13, 2012)--Employees were able to extinguish a small fire at a fuel storage facility quickly early Tuesday morning before fighters arrived.

An assistant Waco fire chief said two units were sent just after 12:30 a.m. Tuesday to the fuel tank farm on Kendall Lane near Orchard Lane after a fire was reported at the facility.

The assistant chief said he was unsure whether employees used a cut-off valve or extinguishers to douse the flames, but he said by the time the Waco fire units arrived the fire was out.

The facility stores gasoline in large tanks.

The assistant chief said once on the scene the fire units investigated the area and found little to no damage from the fire.

He also said any follow-up investigation will likely be an internal matter and would not involve Waco fire marshals.

No one was injured.