Smoke Fills Part Of Local H-E-B Store

(Photo by Ben Griffin)
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COPPERAS COVE (April 3, 2013)—The Copperas Cove H-E-B was evacuated Wednesday after smoke filled a cooler in the store at 2990 East Highway 190.

Customers were advised to leave the store as smoke began to fill the cooler in the meat market area Wednesday afternoon.

Some left their carts in the aisles or in checkout lanes as they headed outside.

The smoke was traced to a malfunctioning cooler.

After Copperas Cove firefighters cleared the smoke from the building, employees reentered the store late Wednesday afternoon to clean up and the store was reopened for business at around 5:30 p.m.

Store managers declined to comment on the incident, but said the corporate office in San Antonio would later issue a press release.

No one was injured.